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TCI Newsletters 1986-2017

Past Newsletters CD

Catch up on over 30 years of TCI newsletters. This disk contains PDF versions of every newsletter TCI published from the beginning including the hard to find "pre Singing Wires" issues. They were carefully converted to PDF documents and completely indexed by Paul and Bev McFadden, Singing Wires Editors Emeritus. If you remember an informative article from the distant past that you can't put your hands on, this is the place to find it!

See the complete index (540k PDF)

This order is placed directly with Paul and Bev.

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Available as 1 DVD or 2 CDs.

2 CDs

TCI Historic Reprints

The following items have been scanned and edited using the latest sophisticated software. The TCI Company Store team identifies print material that can be reproduced for the benefit of telephone collectors.

High grade cover and paper stock is used to enhance all publications, and color is used where appropriate and affordable. Catalogs reprinted may be embellished with related material from other sources. TCI makes a small profit on each of the items sold which is used to fund software purchases and other projects.

Calculagraph Model 6 Instruction Book

Calculagraph Model 6 Instruction Book

TCI has finally produced a catalog that covers the Model 6 and the Model 30, using original Calculagraph publications and the appropriate Bell System Practices (BSP's).

Many collectors are not aware that the Model 6 is the round, clock driven (wind-up) model, while the Model 30 is the round, electric driven elapsed time recorder. We have also included all the appropriate BSP's even though some are repetition, but the drawings in the BSP's are very superior and detailed, and provide additional maintenance information.

A very limited number of this 36 page catalog was printed and will not be reprinted by TCI in the future. Get yours today.

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Western Electric Catalog of Communications Services Designed to Meet your Needs

This catalog was created by Western Electric in the mid-fifties to advertise their products. The Catalog was provided to any and all telephone companies who might purchase W.E. equipment, including the independents. The Catalog is 68 pages in length and has about 14 pages with color, including the front and back covers. The very interesting feature of this catalog is the mix of thirties, forties, and fifties equipment, apparently all available to telco customers in the mid-fifties.

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Calculagraph Model 33 Instruction Book

Calculagraph Model 33 Instruction Book

This catalog has not previously been reproduced. It is 20 pages with a four page color brochure that was not a part of the original catalog, a page displaying all Calculagraph models. The color brochure was used as the front and back cover and the entire catalog was printed on high grade magazine paper stock. Be the first to own one of these publications.

View inside

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CRAB LOCK KEY, 20YW9, Gray Pay Stations

A locksmith has donated the key for the lock most often found on the top of a Gray Paystation, especially for those paystations ordered by the Bell System, is the "20YW9" key. We have had a small number of them cut on the correct sized blanks, by a locksmith who has donated them to TCI. This key will cost you SEVEN dollars total ($7.), postage included, and you may use PayPal to order and pay for the key. Each key has been tested on two locks to ensure that it was correctly cut.

price $7.00 Shipping included