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Welcome to Telephone Collectors International's TCI Email Group. We provide this group free to the telephone collecting community. Everyone is welcome but we strongly encourage you to join TCI for the benefits of membership.

TCI reserves the right to use any material posted to this group for the TCI Library, Singing Wires, Switchers' Quarterly, or other TCI purposes.

TCI Email Group Rules

  1. Treat everyone in the group with tolerance and respect. Don't be abusive, dishonest, disruptive, political, rude, or negative. Don't use the group to harm TCI or its members.
  2. Make all your posts positive, supportive, informative, and useful. Criticize content, not people: "That information is incorrect because..."
  3. Include your full name with every post. You can do this by putting your name in 1) the settings in your email client, 2) your groups.io profile page, or 3) at the end of every message.
  4. Don't post another person's private emails. If a person sends you a private email, do not post it to the group without their permission.
  5. Don't post commercial advertising. However, you may post occasional telephony-related items for sale or purchase as part of our hobby. Please include For Sale: or FS: at the beginning of the subject line.
  6. Be careful when buying, selling, or trading. Because anyone can join this "open" group, TCI CANNOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY TRANSACTIONS MADE VIA THE GROUP.
  7. Stick to telephone-related topics. Contribute as much specific or general-interest telephony-related information as you want. Although the moderators won't banish you for an occasional off-topic posting, they reserve the right to post a "gentle reminder" if your thread lasts too long. Posts of a political nature are not welcome here unless they are relevant to a telephone-related topic under discussion. Threads that turn political will be locked if the moderators feel that the temperature is rising too fast.
  8. Membership in TCI does not afford you the right to post to this list. All participants of this list must abide by these rules, and membership in TCI does not grant you special status. Being subjected to moderation or a ban on this list does not entitle you to a refund of your TCI dues.
  9. The moderators enforce these rules equally for all. They are the sole judges of what constitutes acceptable behavior and common-sense etiquette. Infraction notices and corrective actions are sent promptly following incidents and may go either privately to the offender(s) or to the whole group. Moderators can and will remove anyone at any time for negative behavior. Moderators have ultimate discretion over the enforcement of these rules, and they are within their rights to take action as they see fit to foster a healthy community, even if said action is not specifically called out in these rules. If you find yourself being moderated in some way, being disrespectful to the moderators is a fast-track to a permanent ban.

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Please make sure your email client is configured with your full name, or that you set your display name in your groups.io profile. Be advised that new members' posts will require approval by a moderator before they are posted to the list.

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