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Telephone Collectors International is pleased to welcome you to its mailing list.

Information on subscribing, unsubscribing and list policies follow:

General Information

  1. This list is managed as a free service to the telephone collectors' community by Telephone Collectors International. Everyone is welcome but are strongly encouraged to join TCI (Those who don't are missing a fantastic newsletter that we are quite proud of.)

  2. List members must remember that, as an "open" list, not every list member is a member of TCI. Be very careful with whom you deal should an opportunity to buy, sell or trade come up. TCI CANNOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY TRANSACTIONS MADE OVER THE LISTSERV.

  3. Because Telephone Collectors International's name is associated with this list, we will do what is necessary to jealously guard TCI's reputation. At TCI's sole discretion, the list moderators can remove anyone at any time for abusive, disruptive, dishonest, fraudulent or other negative behavior. The moderators will also remove anyone who intentionally uses the list to harm TCI or its members in any way. (Note that this does not preclude constructive criticism when it is made in the interest of improving the organization.)

  4. Other than the restrictions noted above, we strive to be a friendly place where people don't have to be afraid to ask questions whether they are old timers or newcomers. There are to be no gurus, no flames, no put downs, no "shut up and look it up in the archives," in fact no unpleasantness at all.

  5. Remember - this is a pleasant private party and the rule is to behave electronically exactly as you would behave in person. Not everyone is interested in every topic but members are welcome to contribute as much telephone related information as they want as long as there are other members who want to read it.

  6. Although nobody will be banished for an occasional off topic posting, the list moderators do reserve the right to post a "gentle reminder" from time to time should an off topic thread start to go on too long. Be advised that the TCI listserv is never meant to serve as a podium for political debates, so please take these discussions off-list.

  7. There is to be no commercial advertising. You may advertise items for sale to list members as long as it's a hobby.

  8. Please respect each others' private e-mails, and public postings - whether on this list or any other. Please do not "publish" without permission in advance from the author - who retains copyright on all submissions. Posting on the list gives TCI the right to use any material posted for the TCI Library, Singing Wires or other TCI purposes.

  9. Although it is not always enforced with list members who joined in the distant past, people who want to join the TCI list are required to use their full name whenever they post a message. List members can supply their name either by providing it in the settings in their email client by supplying it in their groups.io profile page or by including it at the end of their messages.

  10. This list is not intended to replace any other list - but is to become unique in its own way.

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