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Photos by Doug Alderdice, Jon Finder, Gary Goff, Dave Spafford, and others
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3box.jpg   73.3K cnet.jpg   71.3K covered.jpg   90.7K demo.jpg   66.0K desksets.jpg   101.4K desksets2.jpg   76.7K deskstands.jpg   99.1K dog.jpg   26.7K doug.jpg   73.8K flocke.jpg   76.1K garylee.jpg   70.0K green.jpg   79.2K jjones.jpg   81.7K LynnDave.jpg   72.6K lynnsticks.jpg   91.6K lyntable.jpg   80.8K map.jpg   78.3K oilcan.jpg   99.6K redmond.jpg   71.0K room.jpg   71.0K russ.jpg   66.4K sticks.jpg   77.5K tools.jpg   88.7K williams.jpg   69.8K williams2.jpg   55.5K