Lancaster Show - June 6, 2009
Photos by Doug Alderdice and Gary Goff

View of Show Room from "Switchers' Corner"

Russ Cowell's Multi-Colored 500 Sets

Roger Conklin at the TCI Sales Table

Jim Hurtle and Dan Jackson

Jim Day and John Jones' Switch at the "Switchers' Corner"

Ray Kotke and Jon Katz with a rare Mahogany Monophone on a
matching switch base and a lamp made from a W.E. #10 candlestick

Lyn Pratt with a Plethora of Desk Stands

John Novack, Chris Mattingly and John Jones at the "Switchers' Corner"

Doug Alderdice's Switch Display

Steve Flocke's Revertive Pulsing Display

Closeup of Revertive Pulse Sender

Jeremy Walters, Richard McGuire and Steph Kerman

Nathan Watson and Doug Alderdice with Doug's Switch

John Novack looking over the goods


Revised 06/11/09